Music Appreciation

Sicko Update: We’re getting better, I hope. After a big spike in temp and a rough night, he’s down to 100 – lowest since Monday – and in a great mood. Eating and drinking more, too. We’ll stay in today just in case, but we’re hoping the worst is over!

So, as you can imagine, we’ve needed distraction the past few days to keep from going bananas or watching WAY too much TV. No big craft projects, because I don’t think either of us was up for it…but we’ve listened to lots of Liam’s favorite music while coloring, playing with Lincoln Logs, etc. Which brings me to our subject – MUSIC APPRECIATION!

Ever since he was a baby, Liam has listened to music almost constantly. Early on, it was soothing lullabyes…then the requisite Disney songs…for a while, we listened strictly to Italian at mealtimes, which he loved! Now, his tastes have broadened and evolved (or Mama and Daddy have just become SICK of traditional kids music, which is more likely) and we’re enjoying more diversity.

The tracks I’ve included on the player are just a smattering of Liam’s favorites – we were limited to those that had available, and what I remembered off the top of my head. But, these give you a good general idea of what Liam is singing in the carseat, playing on his ‘instruments’ or humming while dancing in the kitchen. Seriously – the mental alacrity he displays in rapidly memorizing song lyrics never ceases to amaze me, and I must say…makes me proud! *sigh* Just like his mama – a great head for storing tons of useless information! ;) The MOST remarkable thing, though, is that he actually sings on KEY most of the time. I’m hoping he got some of my Mom’s vocal talent. She was awesome. :)

I’ll add to the playlist frequently, as we’re always finding more music to love. (Plus, I’ve thought of ten more songs I forgot to include while I typed this…) You can even pop the player out and listen after navagating away from the page…hope you enjoy!

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