Now, as many of you know, I was born and raised here in Virginia Beach, VA.  So I know whereof  I speak when I say that we don’t normally get snow.  Oh, sure – we may get a dusting now and then, but it won’t stick… if it does, it won’t last on the ground for more than 24 hours.  Better work quick if you want a snowman is what I’m saying.

So, when the weatherman tells us that we’re likely to get hit with a foot of snow – even two blocks from the coast (where we live) – SOME of us take notice.  I stocked up on necessities like Oreos, tortilla chips and pork chops, but forgot to get toilet paper and beer.  Brian scoffed at my suggestion that we pick up some of that quickie ice melt for the steps.  Liam just kept bouncing up and down and looking out the window breathlessly, just barely holding off spontaneous combustion.

The last time we got a snowfall even close to this was back when I was thirteen…”I Survived The Blizzard of 198o”.  Yes, they really called it that, and sold t-shirts.  I had one. Well, we didn’t get quite as much this time but if they make t-shirts, Liam shall have one…because this marked his FIRST snowfall.  HE LOVES IT.  His nose was glued to the window through the morning as it came down fast, furious and sideways.  Windy, frigid – it was the best kind of snow storm; during the day on a Saturday.  Perfect conditions for a weekend of family fun!

We headed out for a bit yesterday during a lull in the weather, but today is primed as “The Great Snowman Build”.  I’ll add more photos later but wanted to share these with you now, before we head out to make snowballs, a snow fort, some snow ice cream and maybe even hunt for “ice pickles”. ;)

Stay warm!

2 Responses to SNOW!
  1. Sue Dilling
    February 1, 2010 | 12:20 pm

    Amazing – all that snow!!!! Just as always, darling and precious all at the same time. I could just squeeze him. I heard that he is a real scholar at school!!! Keep those pics coming. I love them!! Aunt Sue in Texas

  2. Maxine
    February 15, 2010 | 12:11 pm

    He really does look like he’s about to burst from happiness! I’m glad he was able to have so much fun!

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