Relationship Advice From Three Year Olds

We went to the Zoo today with my friend Toni & her kiddos Maggie and Brooklyn.
(Yep, you’ve seen them before.)
Got TONS of pictures which I’m still editing and which I promise you’ll see very soon (hopefully tonight), but these were just too darn cute not to post immediately.

Now, Brian’s gentlemanly sensibilities always get ruffled when I tease about Liam being a Casanova, even though he KNOWS it’s all in fun. But, there were four photos were so sweet and innocent, I just HAD to give them their own post.

Liam and Maggie have been buddies since way before their second birthdays, and when they’re together they run and giggle and laugh like no other pair of kids I’ve ever seen. Two peas in a pod, without question.

Matter of fact, even way back in June of 2007 at the tender ages of 14 and 20 months (Liam is younger) they were ALREADY acting like an old married couple – see photo above…

In February of 2008 there was that period of “acting disinterested…”.
That passed pretty quickly.

Which brings us to today at the Zoo.
We’ve all been busy, so they haven’t had as many playdates together as they’re used to.

I’m thinking they may have missed each other.

If you have a buddy that’s this much fun…
especially if it’s the one you married, who seems to always be on the go -
to work, the store, doing laundry, paying bills, washing dishes, giving baths -
who, because of all that
maybe isn’t as much fun as you remember…

Take a tip from Liam and Maggie.

Try a hug.
Sweet nothings.
A knowing glance.
Then a big ol’ smooch.

Betcha giggle!
And, really…
what’s better than giggling
with your best friend?

6 Responses to Relationship Advice From Three Year Olds
  1. Mari
    October 9, 2009 | 2:47 pm

    Aww … so cute! My kids had friends like that when they were little, and now that we’re all in schools & scattered like the wind, they still get a little verklempt when they can get together!

  2. Janice
    October 9, 2009 | 5:19 pm

    Just a little fyi. I came across a website that will print your blog. This might be a cool thing to do with Liam’s blog. It’s called Blog2Print and it does WordPress as well as blogger and typepad. I did one for my London/Paris trip and thought of you. Nice little keepsake.

    • Mama Ri
      October 9, 2009 | 8:21 pm

      I’ve been MEANING to look into those, Janice – thanks! I’ll bet it would cost an arm and a leg to do all of this one, though…maybe I could just pick the really, really good ones – lol!


      • Janice
        October 10, 2009 | 5:15 pm

        I quickly did yours up and it’s $80 for softcover and $90 for hard and $7.95 digital. (204 pages)

        If you broke it up in years last year is $22.65/soft and $32.65/hard

        This year $66/soft and $76/hard.

        They ship free and they have a twitter where they offer discounts Maybe as Christmas nears they might offer 15% discounts.

        Oh and it looked adorable on the screen.

        • Mama Ri
          October 11, 2009 | 8:53 am

          That’s TOTALLY affordable – Thanks, Janice!! Actually…that would make a perfect Christmas present for the Grandparents…wow, I need to get over there right now and check it out.

          You’re awesome. <3

          • Janice
            October 11, 2009 | 3:27 pm

            Your welcome. Oh, don’t print it up with the comments as that will only waste pages you pay for.

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