Everything’s bigger in Texas – including the number of photos in this post!

We spent the first week in August in Dallas, Texas
visiting Brian’s family.
Great fun was had by all…especially Liam.
Of course, I took tons of photos.
Carpet snack while waiting to board.
The better part of a four dollar bag of chips
ended up on this carpet.
Taking photos onboard to pass the time.
We’re such hams.

So excited to be going to “Tixas!”

Finding shapes in the clouds.

My Father in Law,
realizing that he was bringing an actual Italian out to visit
(that’d be me)
decided that it would be nice to have a
“Real EYE-talian Dinner”!
(He cracks me up – ahahaha!)
He gave his credit card to Megan and we went to
First I made the Antipasto Platter
…and we nibbled on it all day.
Brian always mixes the pork, beef and veal for meatballs
after I’ve added the seasoning.
That’s a big bowl with nearly four pounds of meat…
he just has ginormous hands.

(with meatballs and sausage)

We had that over nummy fresh pasta.

Fried Peppers, Onions and Sausage.
Might be my favorite…after the
Fried Squash Blossoms. om, nom, nom!

Speaking of “om, nom, nom”…

Liam’s cousin Clare LOVED the Spinach Lasagna!

Megan kept Liam entertained and out of my hair while I cooked.

That was AWESOME, lemme tell you.

Liam was her shadow the entire trip. They’re buds.


If you pay attention to previous posts, and comments, you’ll know of Liam’s fascination with knights and castles…and Megan’s promise to take him to see them.


Impressive looking castle – with moat and drawbridge!

Liam’s coronation.

We were cheering for the Red Knight, hence the red crowns.

No silverware. Worked just fine for Liam!

Aunt Megan ‘enjoying’ her Tomato Bisque
(aka “Dragon Spit”)


The Royal Family.
Yes, we all wore those crowns THE WHOLE TIME.
Liam thought the Suit of Armor looked a lil’ sketchy…

It really was quite a bit of pomp…under the circumstances…
(Yes, I totally ripped that off from Seinfeld in “Bee Movie”…)

Liam stole Aunt Megan’s cowboy hat
and insisted on wearing it the entire day.

The Sloth was less than impressed.

The Mall in Frisco has a great Carousel.

After crying, wailing and

screaming bloody murder about taking
the little stinker posed like a rockstar.

And there you have the highlights!

(Or at least, the ones I can post without the whole family’s permission.)
We had a wonderful time with Aunt Megan,
Aunt Janet, Uncle Simon and Clare,
GranDad and Grannie Vee.
Miss everyone TONS!

2 Responses to Everything’s bigger in Texas – including the number of photos in this post!
  1. Renee
    August 10, 2009 | 7:08 pm

    It looks like you had an amazing, fun filled time! And lots of yummy food! What great pics! (hungry. now.)

  2. Robert
    August 19, 2009 | 5:51 pm

    As usual…adorable! LOVE the food pics! Cannot wait for Williamsburg on 10/15. Better be a typical Fall day…I plan on wearing tweed!

    Love ya!

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