The Super Duper Penguins!

I’m pretty sure that I don’t say enough how thankful I am to have found the “Toddler Posse”.
We were SO fortunate to “luck upon” some really wonderful Moms & Dads raising some great kiddos, and to become friends. Since before he was a year old, Liam has played with some or all of the same children at least once a week – often more. Even when they were too young for interactive play and just “played alongside” each other, the familiarity grew, and now that they actually consider themselves friends, the comfort level is palpable. It’s great to watch and to be a part of. The Moms have been such a wonderful support group for each other, and a definite Godsend to me (who ALWAYS has questions and is forever asking for advice!).
Anyhoo…we had a typical playdate yesterday. We have been switching around at different parks to keep things interesting, and the playground du jour was near Carrie’s house. It was in a neighborhood, beautiful, and we had it completely to ourselves! Well, the highlight of the morning for me was watching them for the first time start a CLUB….
Sean and Aiden are the oldest, and unquestionably, Sean is the leader…the Big Thinker. (Aiden is a great Second in Command – he’s the rules enforcer.) Well, Sean decided that they were going to be the SUPER DUPER PENGUINS!! Everyone got their own color, and beyond that, I’m not sure there was a Club Mission…but they sure had fun!
See for yourself:

The first ever meeting of the
Super Duper Penguins!
Clockwise from top:
Sean, Cecilia, Jasmine, Aiden and Liam
(Sebastian and Sylvia were…somewhere!)
Penguins are GREAT at climbing icebergs…even plastic ones.

Sylvia: The White Penguin
She’s the youngest.
Aiden bent the rules and decided to invite her in the club, too.

Liam: The Orange Penguin,
stopping for a water break and a quick snuggle with Mama Penguin.
Note that the new haircut allows for some flexibility
with his killer front cowlick!
(Makes him look so old…sigh.)

Liam and Sebastian looking for…
I dunno, Penguin stuff.

And after a great playdate in

80 degree heat, what does a Penguin need to cool down?
Why, an ice cream cone, of course!

2 Responses to The Super Duper Penguins!
  1. Maxine
    May 29, 2009 | 3:44 pm

    *sniffle* I miss you guys!

    I like Liam’s new haircut! I remember giving Em a short cut for the first time last summer… it was a little sad, but necessary!

  2. Robert
    June 9, 2009 | 5:50 pm

    I LOVE the haircut. Very "Kennedy"…and that's a good thing, politics aside!

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