Fun with Uncle Robert

For those of you who may not know…Robert is not Liam’s biological Uncle, but he may as well be. He spoils him us rotten, and we love him.

Robert and I have been buddies for, gosh – six years now.

About every two months or so, we get together for a “playdate”, and have continued since Liam got here. Robert got Liam his first big Teddy Bear, his awesome Retro Tricycle…he’s put up with spit up & bottle feedings…pushed strollers through Malls, the Zoo and Lord knows where else…he’s an all around great guy, and Liam ADORES him.

So, today he arrived bearing donuts.

He showed Liam how to impale one on his fork and make a “Donut-Pop.” It was a BIG hit:

Next, Liam swiped Robert’s sunglasses and modeled for us.

Of course, they were upside down. Liam turns ALL glasses upside down. No known reason for this…just a Liam thing.

We headed to the Mall for some shopping and lunch.

Robert was an angel, and helped me at The Children’s Place, where we put Aunt Megan’s Birthday Gift Card to good use and got Liam a new summer wardrobe.

(Thank you, Megan! You’re awesome. No, seriously – check out the label below!)

This was the first time I’ve actually had to take Liam into the dressing room to try things on, and Robert helped, bless him. For anyone who hasn’t yet enjoyed this singularly unique experience…well, imagine a cat trying to herd goats. That’ll give you an idea. If not for Robert, I’m quite sure I’d have blown a blood vessel…

We had a lovely lunch, (except for incessant talking from Liam, and an unfortunate incident wherein Liam decided to experiment with gravity by using the already chewed chicken in his mouth…) and as usual the day just flew by too fast.

Thanks for a great day, Robert!

2 Responses to Fun with Uncle Robert
  1. Robert
    June 9, 2009 | 5:23 pm

    It was a fun day. The photo from lunch…not the worst of my pics. It is fun being Liam's "uncle"…and I adore both of you. Thanks for the flattery. The check's in the mail!

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