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April 12, 2009

On Safari…at the Zoo. (Hope you all had a Happy Easter!)

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‘Twas the Night Before Easter

Coloring Eggs. Notice in the photo below that Liam is “working” on the pink one… …he was opening it to find the “JELLY PEENS”. (He was less than pleased to find a yolk instead.) The rest of the eggs managed to survive unscathed. Just a little while ago, I heard a noise. I got up…

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Bunny whiskers an’ jelly peens…

We went to Taste Unlimited’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday… see? Getting a bunny nose… and bunny whiskers… Who knew rabbits were so handsome? The loot. Jelly peens…yummy! Sticking the tail on the bunny. Daddy helped. Meeting the Big Guy himself! Liam didn’t have the heart to tell the poor, confused Easter Bunny that…

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