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Pumpkins, Pirates and Bone Men

We went out adventuring today!¬† Errands, lunch and random¬†shopping with Uncle Robert . (Liam LOVED that hat when he saw it in Target,and Robert obliged…calls it his “Pirate Bone Man Hat”, and has not taken it off his head in five hours. LOL!) Anyway, we stopped in at the Farmer’s Market again, where Liam visited…

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We just made some. We basically used this guy’s recipe: But, I topped it with Parmesan Cream Custard. (see below) Liam came into the kitchen, took one look and exclaimed “Oooooh, Wayyyy-ow! Mama, dat’s vewwy beetaful! Wed, an’ gween, an’ yewwow…dat’s Wattatooee!! You made a MOVIE! So pwetty, Mama. A taste, pwease?” and he proceeded…

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