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Halloween 2010

…was a blast! Brian’s sister Megan is in town visiting, and the four of us left a ton of candy on the front porch and trucked on over to The Cary’s neighborhood so Liam could go Trick or Treating with Maggie and Hannah like last year. Fun was had by all, and by the last…

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Pumpkin Patch – Take Two

We hit our regular Farm Market last weekend to pick up another pumpkin and a bale of hay for our “Halloween Yard Decor”.  Couldn’t hold Liam off any longer – he apparently LOVES everything about Autumn.  Honestly – he’s so excited for Halloween, Thanksgiving, jackets, leaf piles – if it has to do with Fall,…

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Jamestown, Pirates & the End of Summer

We didn’t spend this past weekend (Labor Day) at the beach…as is traditional around here.  While the calendar and the first day of public school dictate the end of summer to most folks, we’ve got an extra week – Liam doesn’t start school ’till the 13th. Since we’re two blocks away and can walk down…

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