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I like it when…

Tonight, at about a half hour before bedtime, Liam was snuggling in my lap in the Living Room while Brian was watching baseball.  As usual, Liam was chattering incessantly about something or other…which he does ALL. THE. TIME. Half flippantly I laughed and said “Liam, I like it when you’re quiet!”   Without missing a beat,…

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Stand back, Folks…worlds are fixin’ to collide!

So, my longtime readers (all five of you!) may have noticed more “Blog Bling” around here…new buttons, links, commenters…and even that nifty Blogger’s Choice nomination up there, on the right. I’ve been trying to educate myself more about this whole blogging culture, and get more involved. What can I say? I’m gregarious. Well, this morning…

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April 30, 2009

Four years ago today… Ri nabbed herself a keeper.

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